Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a country girl at heart (an eShakti denim dress review)

I blogged a few posts ago about my eShakti denim dress order. The dress came in a few weeks ago, and after washing it to get the wrinkles out (I'm constantly impressed with how tiny a box they can package a dress in, since it has to come all the way from India), I thought I'd show you it in all its countrified glory.

To be fair, I'm only joking about how Texas it looks. In reality, it's a soft and thin (but not transparent - think summery and breezy) chambray. The mustard colored thread detailing, and the brass buttons, are really what makes this dress look denim, not the fabric weight.


I love the full skirt, the tailored look, and how it fits loosely enough to be comfortable and skim over my backfat rolls, but not too loosely as to look sloppy.

I paired it with my Pikolinos oxfords, and my dollar-bin brooch. I didn't want to do cowboy boots because I didn't want to push the look over the edge, and I think any more accessorization would also have been too much.

Overall, I'm really pleased with it, and I also think I've nailed the eShakti sizing now - I'm pretty much a solid 20W in their dresses, as I've had several now of that size that have worked out well for me.

Model measurements: 5'7 or 8", 250ish, 46/42/55 (and still growing) :)


Alexis said...

Adorable! It's funny: I wear the same size from eshakti and we have really different measurements. I am a few inches shorter and approx. 49-42-48. Isn't in interesting how two people with really different shapes can fit the same clothes? I have a feeling, though, based on another review I saw for this dress that it would be tight on my bust.

Melinda said...

I've been tempted to buy from eshakti but haven't yet. I had my eye on this one too! Thanks for the review, and for explaining your sizing/what size you order over there. I can't wait to make my first purchase. This looks super cute on you.

neffbot said...

Thanks Alexis - I know, I am continually amazed at how bodies are so different and how sizing works in conjunction with how different we all are.

Sometimes I have trouble with dresses fitting me in the hips, but if I order really full skirted dresses, that's not a problem. I feel like my hip measurement is the outlier for me.

neffbot said...

Thanks Melinda! I say go for it... but keep in mind that eShakti is pretty unreliable in terms of communication and fit. I think I've kept a little over half of what I've ordered from them. I've had orders where they are super communicative and the fit is great, and orders where the dress seems a totally different size than the identically sized one that fit me before... and they won't get back to me via email, or they cancel my order for no reason...

So, yeah, order from them, but keep in mind it could be frustrating. I think the benefits outweigh the irritating lack of consistency.

Also, I ordered recently from their "overstocks" section (at the bottom left nav, it says "overstock - ready to wear 25% off"). I think these must be returns, because it was shipped to me priority mail, and arrived about 3 days after I ordered it, from the US. And the dress fit great, and was one I wanted anyways, and was in great shape (not nearly as wrinkled as a normal order that comes all the way from India)!

Ok, that was a novella of a comment. Please let me know what you end up ordering and how it works out for you!

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