Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Retro splendor: sweater guards

If you employ cardigans in your wardrobe as much as I do, sweater guards - also known as sweater clips and cardigan clips - are a really fun way to spice up and retrofy your look without going overboard (though, sometimes overboard is fun).

Here are two recent outfits where I used these awesome sweater clips that Bob got me for Christmas last year.

(it's hard taking pictures of myself!)

(it really is!)

Outfit details:
Dress: Target xxl, 2008
Cardigan: Target xxl, 2008
Petticoat: thrifted
Shoes: Target, size 11, 2008
Sweater guard: gift from husband, etsy

Another way to wear them - attached to a collar, rather than a sweater:

The entire ensemble:

Outfit details:
Dress: via clothing swap (free!)
Petticoat: thrifted
Shoes: faryl robin, size 11, years back (and recently chewed by the dog, I'm hoping the cobbler can fix them because I LOVE them).

Do you likey what you see? etsy is a great resource to find newly crafted as well as vintage sweater clips! Here are some of my current favorites:


Ally said...

I love these!! I needs me some!

Found your blog through LJ:)


Unknown said...

I like the sweater guards! So cute! I must try that look out.

neffbot said...

Thanks ladies!

I think that ebay may also be a great source for cheap sweater guards. Happy cardiganing :)

Miss Emily D. said...

Just found your blog, but I love your style! You and Bob are just adorable! Thanks for teaching us larger ladies to love ourselves -I know I'm inclined not to. I tend to lose inspiration quickly when it comes to my wardrobe & it's refreshing to see how cute someone my size can look. :)

neffbot said...

Aww, thank you Miss Emily D! Your comment kind of made my day!

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