Monday, May 10, 2010

Making it work: maxi dress as skirt

Like many of us fatshionistas, I have a large chestal region. I like it. But, sometimes things don't fit in the boobs, especially if those things are straight-size target maxi dresses from the juniors' section. I know, right? Why on earth would that not fit my boobs?

Waffles wonder why.

(these two pics are from last year)
Looks great from the front:

But the side shows us the real issue here: Smashing smocking!

Back to modern times: Let's pull that thing down, shall we?

Paired with a black top and cream cardigan:

Super cute, and kind of country, which is a theme for me I guess lately:

Dress-as-skirt: Target xxl, 2007
Top: Target maternity xxl, 2007
Cardigan: Old Navy 1x, 2009
Cowboy boots: Lucchese, from Shepler's in Austin, gosh, years back, I don't even remember!


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