Monday, February 1, 2010

OOTD and a review of

I lusted after the Jibri high-waisted skirt for months. MONTHS! When Jasmine, the sassy lady behind Jibri, had a 50% off sale after Thanksgiving, I made my move and ordered it in black.

Unfortunately, I had eaten alot on Thanksgiving (thanks rooms and bunches :) and so, when measuring myself to order it custom-sized (which is at no additional cost!), I was a few inches bigger than I normally am :). So, when it came in, it was actually too big and I ended up needing to get it altered. But this was my fault, not Jasmine's!

I can't measure!

Shirt: From the recent seattle fats clothing swap, and is super soft! Unsure of size/brand
Brooch: from my broochified post, the Knitting Mill in Chattanooga, TN
Boots: I will do a separate post about these; miz mooz size 10, AWESOME boots.

A side view:

The black doesn't really show the structure of the skirt, the etsy post shows it better. It has pockets too! Really, really deep in-seam pockets.

Overall, I feel excited about the skirt, but also I think I hyped it up in my mind a little too much, so I'm also a little disappointed.

Good things:
- Really great structure and shape
- Awesomely versatile
- Pockets!
- custom sized at no extra charge
- Jasmine is a delight to work with and got the skirt out to me really quickly considering the huge volume of orders she had from her black friday sale

Things I would change:
- The waistband wrinkles horizontally after sitting in the skirt. Because it is so wide and cumberbundish, it looks great standing but after sitting in the skirt the wrinkles just won't go away and it looks sloppy. This is probably also due to my belly rolls. I may put interfacing/stiffening fabric in the waistband to keep it from wrinkling.
- The fabric kind of feels strange. I think this is just my own personal thing. Don't get me wrong, the fabric is substantial and not transparent but it is just a weird weight to still wrinkle so easily. The hang of it almost makes me feel like I am wearing a costume skirt rather than a real skirt. I don't really have a recommendation on what other kind of fabric to use though. I'm not verbalizing very well.

Overall, I would recommend this skirt because it is custom-sized for no additional cost, it has a great shape, and it is super versatile - but with the caveat that I'm not sure it will become the weekly wardrobe staple that I was hoping it would be due to the wrinkling and weird fabric weight. But Jasmine is great and it is really awesome to work with designers that are nice and pleasant people on top of providing a great product!

Has anyone else ordered the Jibri high-waisted skirt? What have been your experiences?


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