Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thrifting finds

I wanted to do a whole post to debut some of the awesome things I found at Value Village two weeks ago. I found all of these on one trip! I am going to run by there again on Monday because they are having a 50% off sale, and I have had such great luck with finding items that fit me! Also, I butchered the last vintage bed sheet that I bought to sew with, and I'm itching to try this skirt pattern, so I need to pick up another one of those too.

Anyways, on to the goods:
Blue thick jersey elastic waisted skirt with pockets! $5

Paired with: white tank from target, cardigan from target, and a huge green bow that I made. I also got this same skirt in a pinky red, you saw it the other day.

Stretchy polyester mixed media dress, so comfy, and fits me perfectly: $10

Paired with: mustard cardigan from target. I will pick a different cardigan next time, I don't think this looks very good together.

And, the find of the day, for only $3:

Cotton ruffly dress with pockets:

AAAAHHH, right? So awesome. So comfy. So ruffly. And it's 100% cotton, a calico-ish material, so it will wear really well in the hotter months as well. For only three bucks, I couldn't even believe it. All I had to do was remove the elastic from the casings in the sleeve ends, because it was a little too tight. I plan on putting in slightly longer pieces of elastic but for now it looked fine without.

I paired it with a brooch that I found for $1 at a farmer's market, and a braided belt from Target. In the summer I'll wear it with some fake leather gladiator like sandals, for now it's the boots that I wear nearly every day :).

If you were thinking that thrift stores aren't for you because you'll never find anything that fits... I say go for it anyways. Go try stuff on. You'll be so amazed!

Also, Gabby over at Corazones Rojos put together a great video of her thrifting, it's definitely worth a watch if you're wondering how to get started with adding thrifted items to your wardrobe!


Sonia said...

I'm envious! what fabulous thrift finds, and you look lovely

neffbot said...

Thank you Sonia!

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