Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wish list: Nautical and not-so-nautical from eShakti

I have such a love affair with the *idea* of eShakti, and the look of their clothing. Truly interesting prints and styling, totally customizable from the sleeves to the length to the measurements, and availability in plus sizes too? I'll take it! I love the modcloth-meets-anthropologie-but-cheaper sensibility to it all.

But, I say the *idea* of eShakti because I've ordered from them before and, with all online retailers, you can never be sure of the fit and fall, the feel of the fabric, or the customer service experience you will have.

That said, I agree with Christina over at Musings of a Fatshionista and am REALLY loving what they are doing with their new Nautical collection, and just with their new spring dresses in general!

Here are some of the pieces that are on my wish list:

1) How awesome is chambray right now?

2) Love the 50's housewife meets rodeo (in a good way) look:

3) My mom and I used to make much less stylish versions of these, with christmas fabric, marbles, and plastic beads. This one is much cuter:

4) So cute and strappy, and great for any shape from apple to pear to "rectangular with bumps" :)

5) Beige tweedtastic:

And the final one, which is no longer on my wish list because I ordered it:

I'll post pictures of it when it comes, provided it fits, which is always a concern with eShakti!


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