Monday, February 8, 2010

So much for Frugal February.

I was really trying to not buy any clothes for the month of February. The fact that I failed at this only 8 days in may indicate that my shopping "habit" is worse that I thought.

Here's what I caved on:

This lace overlay shift dress is so precious, I hope it fits over my hips:

From my wishlist post earlier:

I mean, come on, chambray + ruffles + high waisted? How could I not buy this?

Trying out a different cardigan silhouette, inspired by the lovely Olive:

Be on the lookout for OOTDs and reviews of these items! Plus, my other eShakti dress came in the mail today, so I will be trying that on and reviewing it shortly!


Unknown said...

Love the dress i wanted it! I was going to order that same dress from eShakti, but its no longer available. Can't wait to see your ootd!

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