Friday, January 29, 2010

Brooches, and how to enjoy them.

Let me wax poetic about the brooch. Brooches are an awesome and frequently cheap way to accessorize, especially if you don't love wearing lots of jewelry. Rings and bracelets irritate me, earrings and necklaces are fun but not always what I'm in the mood for. But a brooch? It is super easy.

It all started back in 2007 when I bought a black flowered wooden brooch at a boutique where nothing else fit me. You know, fat girls always have great accessories and all. Anyways, I realized after I started incorporating this pin into my wardrobe that it made my otherwise predictable ensemble of jeans, shirt, cardigan somewhat kickier.

So, over Christmas break I had the chance to shop with my sister in law (Hi Mags!) at this awesome, huge vintage/antiques (what is the difference? I don't know!) store called The Knitting Mill in Chattanooga, TN. I would highly recommend it for anyone in the area! Anyways, I came home with many spoils, two of which were awesome vintage brooches that I will now show you.

This beauty cost me $8, and I love it!

Black sweater shirt: Target merona 14/16
Jeans: Avenue divine denim "the straight" size 20 (I usually wear a 22 at all other stores)
Shoes: Payless, AGES ago, size 11
Brooch: I believe you have been introduced.

Light blue/gold enamel: Also only $8!

brown tank/shirt: Old Navy XL (from a few years ago when everything was swing cut, this thing is like a circle skirt with straps, I swear)
cardigan: target merona xxl
jeans: same as above
shoes: same as above

So now, I'll bet you are wondering only one thing:
How can you get started in the brooch-wearing club? Easy! Just follow this 4 step plan.

1) Get a brooch. Thrift stores, vintage malls, open air markets, etc. are a great place for this, they always have tons of jewelry that is often $1 each or some such nonsense.
2) Hold the brooch in your right hand if you are right handed. Or left hand. Really, either hand will work.
3) Pick a side to wear your brooch. I always wear mine on my left, it just looks better to me.
4) Put the brooch about an inch or two below your collarbone, right where you bra cup meets your bra strap. Pinch through all the layers you are wearing if, perhaps, you are sporting a cardigan and shirt underneath. This will help anchor the brooch.
5) Be your sassy self, now broochified!

I think I probably include a brooch in my wardrobe at least twice a week, from my collection that now numbers around 10 brooches. I LOVE BROOCHES. Brooch.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca - I'm reading back over your past posts & found this one on brooches. I also have a thing about brooches - I have maybe 10 - but never wear them because I don't know how too! I'm gonna give your instructions a go though! I'll maybe do a post about it!!

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