Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Links

Hey everyone! Time for another semi-regular Thursday Links!

Here are a few posts I've enjoyed lately -

Never forget that you are awesome! (Sarah Neuburger via Design Is Mine)


Beautiful pictures like these really make me want to try to make a home succulent garden (via Rachele at Nearsighted Owl)

Luckily, Kyla Roma posted on how to make a container succulent garden, so I can make my dreams of keeping plants alive* come true (via Kyla Roma).

I've modified vintage dresses before, but I really want to try something like this (Addi Enne via Low Budget Diva)

From the "why didn't I think of this before? archives: Embroidery Hoop Laundry Bag (cornflower blue via Craftzine)

Body Image and General Fattery:

“How many fatties does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Uhm, actually, as a rule fat people don’t screw in lightbulbs because they’re too busy smashing normative standards of beauty, being fancy as fuck, looking totally badass, making out with each other, eating delicious snacks, walking around on the streets, taking off their tops, making children cry, shaking their bellies at people, mooning people and uhm yeah, so fat people don’t ever actually screw in lightbulbs, you’ll never see that.” (via Majestic Legay of Glitter Politic via Rotundlr)

Sal over at Already Pretty says it so well: Happiness is the point. Style is just a way.

One of my favorite blogs, honestly, on how she 'bucks the mainstream' (via Dances With Fat)

Fat Dialogue in Love (Mitten Paws via Weesha's World)

*in my defense, I've been able to keep a dog alive, which is more rewarding than plants anyways.


Sal said...

Thanks for the shout-out, beautiful!

Colleen Oakes said...

How do I apply to be on your super cool blog list?? I'm a recent fan and totally obsessed with you, but not in a scary-hooded-kind-of-way. In an "overly excited American" kind of way.

neffbot said...

Sal - you're welcome!

Colleen - I would love to check out your blog! Can you post a link, your blogger profile isn't visible. Thanks dear!

Karvinen said...

I just stumbled (mostly drunkenly) through here via the "blogs of note" listing. I never considered myself the fashion blog following type (actually, I never dreamed of stringing those words together for any reason), but I gotta' tell you that I really like your style. Kudos!

(mmm, Kudos. Now I want a candy bar.)

DSMAC said...

Wonderful!You are good!

Chris Imlay said...

You have yet another fan, yes I did come accross this under the "blogs of note" regardless I love your approach to life and this blog. Congrats on the "BTM"-Blog of the month? maybe? I don't know.


Karvinen said...

Rebecca, thanks for the quick response to my comment. You've renewed my faith in virtual humanity. Over on my site, I mention you in today's posting...thought you might want to know.

geetabix said...

Majestic legay is so wise!! These are fantastic links, thank you for posting them :)

Amber said...

I would love to be part of your blog list too!! I'm just starting out and I'm trying to get my blog out there. I love all your blogs, they are so witty! I'm so glad I came across this in the blogs of note section, because your blog is definitely one of note!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was fat, it sounds fun... I'm sick of screwing in lightbulbs! Curse you fast metabolism! Haha. I love your blog!


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