Sunday, July 31, 2011

OOTD: gratuitous cell phone self shots

I don't get dressed up as often now that I don't go to work. So here's a real quick post - I got this dress when I was in London a few months ago and really love it!

However, I need to dig out the tripod and not try to take pictures of myself like this. It's like my blog circa 2009 up in here today.

shoe shot:

zoolander face:

werq it baby.


tattoo, which I haven't shown a very good picture of yet:

Outfit details:
dress: Marks & Spencer
shoes: Dansko rory pumps
necklace: polymath, via urban craft uprising
tattoo: started in 11/10, Christy Brooker, Damask Tattoo


thomessa said...

Your tattoo is insane!! I love it. I don't see many tats that have colors like yours so thats awesome.

Catherine said...

Lovely dress, lovely tattoo!

Anonymous said...

That dress is lovely! You never did show me your purchases (apart from the spotty Evans dress). I absolutely love your tattoo. Still want to get one for me!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome dress and I love your tattoo! Great Zoolander face :)

lyresvega said...

Love your dress! And your tattoo is as fabulous as ever! I love that it shows a bit with shorter skirts.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Thomessa!

Thanks so much Catherine!

Monkey - thank you! Yep, those were part of the craziness that was M&S once I realized I fit into their 22, and there were 22s on the regular racks. It was kind of madness. And I think you'd love a tattoo! I'm happy to talk tattoos anytime!

Allison - thank you! This is blue steel, no one is ready for Magnum quite yet.

Jen - thank you! We should hang soon. I will email you.

geetabix said...

Great dress!

Unknown said...

I found you cross posted on another fashion blogger's site and was immediately drawn to the tattoo...without being completely covered head to toe I have run into the problem of being out of "locations" to put new artwork. I've considered the thigh before, heck I have enough skin there, I'd might as well use it! Seeing how beautiful yours looks I'm now convinced.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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