Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Links

Art & Craft:

Awesome art made from paint chips (via How About Orange)

How to make an ombre (dip-dyed, for those of us not in the know) t-shirt (Cotton & Curls via Craftzine)

Some of the most beautiful tattoo work I've ever seen (I especially love this one) (find more Thomas Hooper here and here)

Body Image & General Fattery:

"If I am to value myself, and my intelligence, and my contributions to the world, I must also value the vessel that enables me to engage with that world, and that helps me to experience everything that makes me the person I am, no matter how anyone else may try to tear me down."
(from Why The Worlds Needs Fat Acceptance by Leslie Kinzel)

Surprisingly insightful discussion happening in the comments on this post about feminism and dieting (via SocImages)

"It's okay to feel really ugly sometimes. Being body positive all the time is hard work." A reminder to let ourselves off the hook. (via Eat the Damn Cake)

Creative Living:

Great post on making space for creativity that's especially timely for me and my new venture! (via Kyla Roma)

Anyone else out there read (or write!) any super great posts this week? Leave them in the comments!


KayGee said...

First of all, I am totally making an ombre shirt this weekend.

Second of all, I heart tattoos and the awesome people who design them. What an amazing talent!

Lastly, Kyla Roma=so incredible. There is so much more beauty in the world because of her.

Thanks so much for sharing these!!

Becca said...

This is a great site...glad I stumbled upon it!

geetabix said...

These are awesome links! Thanks!

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