Monday, July 26, 2010

NYC: sweaty

AFter spending the weekend in Vermont, we went down to new york city for a night prior to our flight back to seattle via JFK airport.

First off, I gotta say that I have much respect for folks that live in new york city. I was and am totally overwhelmed every time I go there. It's so dirty and loud and hot and sticky and people look awesome and stylish and composed while I'm sweating and breathing heavy and generally feeling unstylish and bumpkiny.

But all that aside, here are some pictures!

We took Amtrak down into Penn Station. It was fun!

I read nearly all of this awesome book I bought recently while I was on the train (it was very context appropriate!)

We ate at an awesome restaurant that served only mac n cheese, any way you wanted it. It was amazing. There's not a picture of that, but it was amazing.

We stayed at the Ace Hotel

They had flowers for sale in their lobby:

(I gotta say I don't get why there's such a plethora of flower stalls on the streets in new york city.)

Some cool street art in Brooklyn:

I was sad this mural by our hotel wasn't in better shape, but I still enjoyed it!

ha :) (in the lobby of the Ace)

Sadly, no outfit shots from NYC - we were too busy sweating to death and feeling inferior. Or at least I was! But it was still a good time! Even when we couldn't really get a cab to JFK, and finally a cab driver agreed to take us but it was his first week and he didn't know how to get there! Good thing for google maps on my phone.


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