Wednesday, July 28, 2010

$10/wk shopping restriction for July - Update

Hello friends,

So, how am I doing on my $10/week july shopping restriction you may ask?

It depends.

I bought an awesome vintage leather handbag at a garage sale for $3 this weekend, and then I just placed an order at the fabulous Asos sale that came to $28 including shipping! So I've got $9 left (and one week of July left).

But, before any of those purchases, I was doing really well and hadn't bought any clothing, shoes, or accessories all month. But then, I was in new york city with my husband last week, and he wanted some new shoes, and I had just spent the morning at the wonderful Redress and not found a THING despite wanting to go there for MONTHS, and so I was sad, because I had been planning to spend my $40 there, so then we went into a shoe store, and I had been wanting some Tom's shoes, and they had some in a really awesome teal color.... so I bought them. And they were more than my remaining $9 (they were more than $40 if you must know). And then I came home and put 6 pairs of shoes into the donate pile.

Whew, that was long-winded. I'm not really that sorry. I'm just kind of sorry. Blog-sorry.

Anyways, here's what I nabbed:


Rose Campion said...

I'm glad someone else has given themselves a shopping restriction, so I don't feel so alone. Except my shopping restriction is more severe than yours. Nothing at all for the months of July and August. Almost done.

I did sort of cheat and buy a tie for my husband, but that doesn't really count, as it was for him, not me.

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