Saturday, July 3, 2010

I made another skirt

I found this quilting cotton on the bargain table, so I snapped some up and made another skirt using Gertie's fabulous pattern since the first one I made turned out so well.

I widened the waistband on this one. I also messed up a ton of times, forgot to allow for ease in the waistband, forgot to do seam allowance for the zipper in the waistband, and ended up having to put a "patch" in the back to make it bigger so it would fit me. Anyways, trials and tribulations. Oh, I also forgot to allow for the 3" seam at the bottom, so I just left it unfinished since I made the finished edge the bottom anyways.

It was frustrating.

Looking at these pics (well, not that last one anyways), I think I may have some room to hem it and just have the skirt be a little shorter than the first one. But, overall, I'm pleased with it! And, the invisible zipper went in much easier this time too, which means that I at least learned SOMETHING from the last time. Even if that something wasn't ease, measuring properly, or allowing for seam/hem allowances.


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