Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The wonders of IKEA

I think I need an IKEA tag or something, we go there not super often but I always end up blogging about it when we do. This was from a few weeks ago.

I also need an adorable husband tag:

So strong!

We got lost on the way back, as we often do, since it's buried in an industrial/office park and we always think we know a better way back to the interstate.

Any other IKEA lovers out there? Or people that like to disturb store displays like we do? :)


Pretty Penny Mae said...

Such cute photos! I'm an Ikea fiend too. I am just addicted to the pillows!

Allison said...

Cute photos :)
I haven't been to Ikea in ages, but whenever I go it is dangerous. Also, I love their hotdogs.

geetabix said...

Ha ha, I tend to go there for the cookies too :) Actually, I always seem to wind up with little kitchen gadgets or plants that I don't really need. But it's far away so I rarely go.

Rachele said...

I get lost IN the Ikea. But yay, we love it there and replaced all our kitchen and office chairs with Ikea chairs.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ikea but I hardly ever go because when I do I spend too much. I've told the husband we are going in the next couple of weeks because we do NEED some stuff from there - like chopping boards, new rug, some more plants.

thomessa said...

:) Love the pictures, and who doesn't love Ikea! & let me say that you looked great while managing to hold up those heavy lifting weight thingies!! :)

Rebecca said...

Brooke - thank you! They do have great pillows.

Allison - I know what you mean, I'm always proud of myself if I escape without buying a ton of unnecessary stuff! And I do love their food, we always eat there. Meatballs? Yes please.

Geetabix - It being far away for us is the only reason why we don't go more than once/qtr. We bought some cookies this time too :)

Rachele - we do too! Also, by the time we make it to the plants section, we both succumb to the "IKEA Malaise" a condition that makes it difficult to pick one's feet up all the way, and causes one to lean heavily on their cart and walk slowly, wishing there was an end in sight, cursing the day one was born etc. and so on.

Monkey - have fun! I love it when there is something we need because then I feel justified buying stuff (and I do love to buy stuff).

Thomessa - thank you! I loved the fake weights. They were quite light in real life!

Elizabeth said...

I adore IKEA, unfortunately Nova Scotia doesn't have one - despite having the largest number of universities in one province. They would make a killing.. probably from me alone, haha. I have a tonne of stuff from IKEA which we brought with us when we moved across the Atlantic - it actually holds up so well, even though people make fun of it. Also, the designs, especially fabric, are adorable. So much IKEA love here, haha.

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth - that's such a bummer that you don't have one near you! I was 26 before I was ever exposed to the wonders of ikea since there was never one near me until then... I agree with you, the stuff does hold up a lot better than people give it credit for sometimes, though I have had some things break pretty quickly, I guess it just depends!

I agree, their fabric is adorable. I want to make clothes from it, not just curtains!

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