Friday, March 4, 2011

Some things I've been liking lately

1) This bread box at Target:

2) The new coat I scored at 50% off at Macy's (see above picture - don't you love the gold enamel buttons!?!)

3) the "build your own sampler" at Taphouse:

4) Gifflar treats from IKEA:

(it said there were 11 rolls inside, but there were 14! THAT'S THREE EXTRA ROLLS!)

5) This shade of nail polish (the polish itself was kind of crappy, it went on horribly and took 3 coats):

6) Monkey's new hair color!

7) My commenters! You guys rock, srsly.


thomessa said...

1. Target always sells some cool stuff!
2. Macys sales are the best, and I definitely love that coat! The buttons are adorable and classic!
5. That nail polish color is sooooo pretty! It looks nice on you!!

geetabix said...

What a gorgeous coat! It looks amazing!
That Taphouse place also looks awesome.

neffbot said...

Thomessa - thank you!

Geetabix - thanks! It is a pretty nice place, they have over 100 beers on tap (hence the name I guess?)

Eryn said...

I love your new coat! And I might need to move into the Taphouse- LOOK AT ALL THAT BEER!!! OMG, I think Im drunk already... The nail polish reminds me of push-pops- YUM!

ThriftyMomma said...

Oh the texture too! Love the buttons and the texture and color for that matter :) Score!

Pretty Penny Mae said...

That's a great coat and nail color. I was looking at this post and my husband looked over and said, that's a fantastic bread box, so it looks like he agrees with you too! Also, hell yeah for 3 extra rolls!

Anonymous said...

I like the Target bread box in red. Love your Macy's coat. Woohoo for 3 extra gifflar treats. and that shade of blue is like a mix of cool blue and robin's egg blue.

neffbot said...

Eryn - if you're ever in Seattle, we'll go to Taphouse!

Thrifty - thank you!

Brooke - that's awesome! We have good taste.

Bigonmodesty - thank you! Great to see new commenters on this here blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the breadbox, coat and nail polish. That's a gorgeous shade and looks great on you. Would that be your engagement ring in the photo? It's a beautiful ring.

Rachele said...

Ooo lovely bread box! Except I put all my bread in the freezer...maybe because I don't have a bread box :)

Aimee said...

Wanted to let you know that I just got home from Target and the retro line of kitchen items (including the awesome bread box) is on clearance for 30% off!! Not the best deal, but last time they had these in stock and they went on clearance, I stupidly wanted to wait and they completely sold out before they went 50% off!

neffbot said...

Thirtiesgirl - thank you! Yes, it is my engagement and wedding rings. My husband got them at an antique jewelry store in san fran called Lang (if you are ever in that area, they are worth a trip. The store is the size of a postage stamp but packed with treasures).

Aimee - thanks so much! I may head over there today...

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