Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy late valentine's day!

I wore this on valentine's day, to enjoy dinner at home with my super cute husband. I think it's my favorite new outfit, and nothing on it is new except the tights.

Outfit details:
Dress: fatshionista lj swap
Belt: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy, with the buttons replaced by moi
Patterned fishnets: Torrid
Shoes: Pikolinos

I love these chocolate brown patterned tights I got at Torrid recently!

Should I eat this one?

Or this one?

Nah, I'll eat them both!

Looks like someone else is interested in the chocolates too...

I hope you are all enjoying the change in season. I am so ready for springtime - rain rain, go away! Outdoor outfit photos will soon be a reality.

What's your favorite thing about springtime?


Allison said...

Oh I like this outfit! Very sunny! I'm so ready for spring. We still have snow here, but at least the days are longer and the sun is starting to shine!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit! How are the tights holding up? I would have ripped them by now. And BOY is that one bright cardigan! Also your dog is very cute!!!

Favourite thing about spring is hanami (Japanese Cherry blossom drinking parties!)

Pretty Penny Mae said...

This is so so cute! I just adore that dress. It would be my favorite too. I like the color combination as well, the cardigan and dress are perfect together! Also, super cute dog!

~~kym~~ said...

what a cute, fun outfit...
my favorite thing about spring would be getting my gardens ready. daffodils, tulips, all the happy birds in my yard. makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! Looking good! For spring, I'm looking forward to bare legs!

Nicole said...

I love the bright yellow and navy together. Great outfit!

We had a tease of springtime in late February - warmer weather, sunshine... it was fabulous! Now it has rained almost every day since. Bring back the sun!

I'm looking forward to wearing dresses and sandals, maybe bare legs if the weather cooperates.

thomessa said...

I love the photos of you NOM'ing on the candy boxes!!! & those tights are gorgeoussss! & I hope spring shows up where you are really soon because this nice weather is so amazing. I wish I could share it with you!! My fave thing about spring is the feeling of the sun warming your skin, that is so relaxing!

geetabix said...

Gorgeous tights! Happy belated Valentine's Day :)

Eryn said...

I love this polka dot dress on you! The yellow cardi and those tights are *perfect*!!! Also, I wanna get in on those chocolate boxes...

Rachele said...

I am totally jealous of your outfit. Loves it!

Rebecca said...

Allison - the sun has been a godsend, I think I realized how depressed I was when, after the first sunny afternoon, I had a flurry of productivity and was like "where did that come from? Ah, yes, I've been seasonally depressed for MONTHS, this is just the real me peeking out"

Monkey - thank you! I love the bright cardigan, I could probably direct traffic in it. The tights are holding up better than I expected (I've only worn them once, but no rips). I was very careful.

Brooke - thank you thank you! I want to see more pics of your dog on your blog!

Kym - thank you!

Bigonmodesty - me too! I love bare legs, I do it even in the winter sometimes.

Nicole - thanks!

Thomessa - thank you! I wish you could share the weather with me too!

Geetabix - thanks!

Rachele - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gah! Your dog makes me die from cuteness. I second Rebecca's suggestion: more dog pics, please!

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