Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holiday, whichever the holiday you celebrate! And even if you aren't celebrating, I hope your days are happy anyways!

Christmas is coming and my vacation is imminent (eminent? I think "imminent" is correct, my vacation isn't high and lofty, but rather about to occur). So. I won't be around these here internet parts until mid-January. I will miss reading all your awesome blogs and will try to catch up when I get back!

What are your plans for the holiday break, if you have one?

The husband and I are going to visit family and friends-that-are-like-family, take a short road trip to visit my old alma mater, and then go on a CRUISE! I am so excited. I will put together a "what I packed for my cruise" or some such post afterwards, because I'm honestly not sure what I'm bringing. I've never been on a cruise before! I am bringing a bathing suit. And, umm, clothes? Yes. That sounds right. Clothing.

And just so this isn't a words-only post, because who likes those? Here are some outfits I've worn over the past few weeks. There's also a bonus picture of my adorable husband holding a CHRISTMAS SHARK*!

Leggings as pants? Yes please!

scarf: crocheted by my friend Nat
white enamel leaf pin: from clothing swap
Sweater: Evans 22/24
Lace inset leggings: Asos curve, 22
Boots: miz mooz button-ups, size 10
at-the-last-minute-I-chickened-out-on-the-whole-leggings-as-pants-thing-and-put-on-a-black-slip-underneath: evans, came with my Beth Ditto polka dotted dress.

What I wore to the Urban Craft Uprising (which was Awesome!)

Dress: (I shorted the sleeves to cap sleeves)
Boots: Target Kaden, size 11
sweatyness: brought on by combo of polyester dress in crowded expo hall.

I really liked this pic of me that my husband took:

And, as promised, CHRISTMAS SHARK!*

*There's actually nothing Christmasy about it, it's just a stuffed shark we found at Ikea.


Pretty Penny Mae said...

Such a lovely dress! The little cap sleeves are perfect. And if I might add, that is a fabulous Christmas Shark.

Anonymous said...

Those are both really nice looks :) The stripes are rocking! Nothing says happy holidays like a chirstmas shark. Enjoy your cruise!!

The Merry Traveller said...

I want! I want to wrap a scarf around me like that and watch the snow ... except there is no snow ever in Singapore and i will be lucky if it is not more than 30 degrees celsius. I think the cuddlebunny dress is very nice indeed!

geetabix said...

Nice dress! And nice slip! I think I would also chicken out of the lace leggings as pants, esp in December :)

Anonymous said...

The pensive pic your husband took is gorgeous. Not to get too soppy but sometimes your significant other often captures the beauty that they see. I know some pics my husband has taken off me are beautiful.

I really like your first outfit! That oversize jumper fits really well and I love the lace insert leggings - I've just been looking at them on ASOS site! Might be another outfit to add to "snap" outfits!

Have a good holiday!

Una said...

That picture your husband is great. HIm and the shark are pretty cute too.
Enjoy the cruise can't wait to see pictures of your fab outfits.

I just bookmarked the urban craft uprising link. I love that stuff.

heavyaura said...

Have a wonderful holiday! (And you look adorable as always.)

Adrienne said...

love those miz mooz boots! How big are your calves? I could not find anything on their website about calf width :)

neffbot said...

Penny - thank you! It is a quite magnificent Christmas shark. Now I need to write a story for him I think.

Allison - thank you!

Merry - Thanks! Sorry you won't get any snow. Truthfully, we only had snow once this winter so far, but it has been cold at least!

Geetabix - thanks! You're right, it was a little too cold to completely show my (legging-beclad) bum.

Monkey - thank you! That makes sense - Bob has taken some great pictures of me. Also, I think you should take the plunge and get the asos leggings! They are really great. Have a great holiday too!

Curvy:- thanks! Yeah, he's adorable no matter what but the Christmas shark really makes it :). You should check out the uprising - they hold them twice a year, in summer and before the holidays. I always enjoy myself (and spend too much money) when I go.

Nly - thank you - you too!

Adrienne - I got these boots at a physical store, which helped with trying on. They are from 2009, and I was very excited because I thought I had found a brand that had larger calf sizes! But, no, it was really just their 2009 boots, I ordered some miz mooz boots this year and none of them fit in the calf :(. BTW, I have 18.5" calves.

thomessa said...

Ohh, a cruise! Sound fun, hope you have a blast! And wear plenty of those clothes that you mentioned! :)

neffbot said...

Thanks so much Thomessa!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I love the second dress - it's gorgeous and you look lovely :)

And I hope you have fun on your holiday and cruise!

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