Friday, December 3, 2010

10 Days, No Dresses - Day Five

A quick one today as I'm about to head to a friend's b'day party. I managed to wear yet another target clearance rack purchase without even meaning to. Srsly guys, I don't own that much stuff from Target, I just seem to be wearing all of it consecutively this week.

Outfit details:
Yellow button down: target clearance, $10
Cardigan: target maternity xxl, also clearance!
Jeans: Torrid SOW, featured the other day, because I only have 2 pairs of jeans.
Shoes: Also... Target. Jeez.
Sweater clips: husband

Up close of my one visible eye (need haircut) and sweater clips:

Thanks all!


Erin said...

So cute! I'm sure if Canada were lucky enough to have Target I would end up doing the same. Anytime i've been there i've loved it!
Love the colours and that sweater clip is so cute.

The Merry Traveller said...

I'm still trying to look for a vintage sweater clip i love but no such luck yet! You are doing remarkably well for someone who wears a lot of dresses so yay!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome coloured shirt!! I like it & I wish I could pull off yellow! I also wear maternity gear sometimes ... Plus those shoes! I want some!!!

Well done on surviving week one & coming up with some amazing outfits. Here's to week two!!

Allison said...

Sigh. I wish Canada had Target. I think we did, at one point... back in the 80s maybe? Then it left and got all cool.
Anyway, I really like this look! Stripes, sweater guard, and plaid shoes. Awesome.

Rebecca said...

Erin & Allison - I wish you guys had target too, but honestly I'm surprised at how much I have from there given they only ever had 3 racks of plus clothing shoved way in the back by the maternity gear. So... you aren't missing much in terms of VOLUME of clothing available at least! But their shoes.... I do have a weakness for their sheos.

Rebecca said...

Merry - have you tried etsy? There are quite a few awesome ones there!

Monkey - thanks so much! We both survived!

heavyaura said...

i love the mix of the stripe and the plaid! super delicious.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Nly!

Jaime said...

I had those shoes from target! I loved them and wore them like everyday one summer.... I miss them!

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