Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 Days, No Dresses - Day Four

Here's my effort for day four of our challenge, in which I am not allowed to wear dresses, and Monkey is not allowed to wear trousers. Go see what Monkey has on today, it's awesome!

I should really call this "10 days, 10 reasons why the Target clearance rack is awesome" because today I have, not one, but TWO <$8 target clearance item in my outfit.

I had just gotten home from the dentist - no cavities! Which is only like the second time in my life that that has been the case, so I'm not being smug.

I must admit, I didn't wear these heels all day.

I wanted to. I really like them. But I can't walk in them. It became apparent during my halting progress down the hallway of our building to take these pictures that it was not going to happen. Even my dog was scared of me with these on - they are about a 4" heel, so I'm a little over 6 feet tall with them on! I'm not saying that 6 foot tall women are scary at all - you are all awesome. But my dog was not used to the extra height and regarded me with suspicion.

"shoes, I think we need to talk about our relationship... it's not working..."

Outfit details:
Pink ruffly tee: target, clearance, size 2, $8
Jeans: Torrid Source Of Wisdom skinnies, size 24
Cardigan: Target xxl, years old
4" platform heels of doom: Target, clearance, $6
Glasses:, no longer on their site, but they were only $8

Here's a lovely shot of my double chin, which my mom has named "shortcake". This used to bother me but I've sort of embraced it.

It also shows how day two of sponge rollers looks, which is pretty awesome.

myspace angle! Shortcake, where are you?


Elizabeth said...

You look awesome! I love this outfit, the jeans and heels are so hot, as is the colour combination - I love grey and pink together :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth!

Allison said...

First of all - we are dentist twins. I went to the dentist today too! No cavities, phew.
This is a great look on you, I really like it. I wouldn't be able to walk in 4 inch heels either - I can barely manage 2.5!
Sigh. I WISH we had Target in the north country.

CurvyEveryday said...

Your poor dog. Those heels are killer. I probably would of broken my neck before even taking a photo. That Target clearance rack is so bad. (but so good)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca - you SO have to wear jeans more often you looks damn HOT in them! My favourite outfit by far!! I concur w/Elizabeth - pink & grey is a great combo.

Rebecca said...

You are all so sweet!

Allison - Monkey also had a dentist appt this week! It's like the week for dental fun times!

Curvy - yeah, I had to give her a treat when we got back downstairs because she was just so anxious about my shoe situation.

Monkey - you make me blush.

Beej said...

So, I am wearing that shirt as I'm reading this, I got it from Target on clearance too! You're doing a great job on the pants challenge.. and while I like the heels, you could so rock it without!


Rebecca said...

Brenda - that is awesome! It's a great shirt. Shortcake <3 you too :)

Thaasophobian Mum said...

Killer heals! love you in them!

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