Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome back into my life, tights.

Everyone here knows how much I love wearing dresses. And I love the look of dresses with tights, but I just can't stomach (ha!) wearing tights. They are so uncomfortable. They cut into my soft candy-filled middle. It doesn't matter if I buy them several sizes too large, it's just the way of things. Tights, worn for more than a couple of hours, result in stomachaches for me. And nothing fashion-wise is worth a stomachache, in my opinion!

I've tried thigh-high stockings, but they don't stay up on me (even the ones with the grippy silicone on them). I've tried garter belts, but they don't stay up or have the same digging-in problem as tights.

Well, the other day, I came across these GARTER SHORTS by etsy seller Allihalla. Where have you been all my life?*

I ordered a custom-sized pair (no extra charge for custom!), gave Alli my measurements, and she made them that very day and I had them in my greedy fat hands less than three days later.

And they are fabulous. Comfortable. They stay put and they don't roll or bind.

(I will not show you them, but I will show you this much of them and let you fill in the rest).

I took a pair of my old Avenue microfiber tights and chopped them off at the tops of the legs to make my own stockings. They roll at the edges, which keeps them from unraveling.

(ok, I will show you a little more, but this is still very far down my leg and not as salacious as it looks!)

Outfit details (I'm etsylicious today):
dress: forever 21 plus
cardigan: target, ages ago
bracelet: local designers
garter shorts:
shoes: Dankso Rory pumps in black

I'm so excited to add tights to my fashion repertoire! Do any of you have similar hatred of garments that are too binding? I feel like the older I get, the less able I am to deal with uncomfortable clothing.

*Alli has no idea I'm writing this post, and she didn't give me the shorts or any kind of discount to blog about her. I just think these are that great! Also, she custom made me a pair of high-waisted bike shorts awhile back that are amazing. I recommend her wholeheartedly!


Monkey said...

WANT! Oh to have tights which don't roll down! Once 30 for 30 is done in will be purchasing a pair or two.

Love the outfit!

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