Saturday, March 3, 2012

OOTD: The more daring haircut

So, readers, I got a buzz cut.

And the thing is? I love it.

It felt like such a radical, daring act. I'd been wanting to buzz my hair for months. I think the first daring haircut was just a rest stop on my way to buzzcutville.

It's taken away all of my anxiety about my hair, about it not looking right, the annoyance I felt when I got in my face and eyes.

And it's so easy to deal with! Just wash it and towel dry and it looks the only way it is capable of looking.

Outfit details:
Dress: avenue, clearance, 2011
cardigan: target, 2011
sweater clips: gift from husband's family
boots: payless

So, yeah, daring? Maybe, but I gotta say I kinda love being the fat lady with a buzz cut wearing a super girly outfit. It's... challenging, somehow. I love it!


Monkey said...

Wow! I love it! I didn't think I would but I really do. I had a radical history teacher when I was 16-19 & she had a buzz cut & dressed ultra feminine. She rocked as do you!

Mother Mopher said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!! Congrats!!! This is amazing!!! :)

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