Sunday, February 20, 2011

Round peg, square hole: fashion/beauty trends that don't work for me

So at this here blog I am all about unlimiting myself, and I really do hate it when people say "oh, that? That doesn't work for me." because I really think everyone should try new things and get outside of their fashion/beauty comfort zones.

That said, there are a handful of things that really don't work for me.


Used to be that my youthful skin was glowing and I just looked effortlessly awesome. I would say "I never wear makeup!" and the response was automatic and unanimous: "Your skin looks amazing! If I had skin like yours I wouldn't wear makeup either!". That all changed with one somewhat bitchy comment by an Ulta store employee. Now I think I look old and haggard. But I still won't wear makeup. It makes me itch and break out and yes I've tried lots of different kinds and honestly? I'm just not that interested in it for me.

Heels higher than 2.5 inches.

I try, I really do. I buy heels. They languish in my IKEA hanging fabric shoe racks, the fabric bulging and bowing under the weight of so many different sorties into the field of heels. I think heels look awesome! I want to look awesome in heels! The best I can manage is slightly awkward. I just can't walk in them.


Ok, I know that's not a fashion/beauty trend, but I felt like I needed 3 things to make this a worthwhile list, and I REALLY hate sweating.

What about you, dear readers? Are there any things you've tried, or have seen on other and want to try, but feel like it doesn't/wouldn't work for you? Do tell!


The Merry Traveller said...

Ditto about the heels. I think i can vaguely manage 1.5 inches and anything higher would send me spiralling downwards towards the floor.

Alexis said...

Heels--gotta be a wedge, or I can't, and just plain won't, do it.
You do have gorgeous skin. People have always said that to me as well, which is great because I have never found a shade of foundation that actually worked on me. Any shade that was pale enough had too much blue undertone in it.

Kandi said...

I am with you on the heels too, I always feel like I must look like a man in drag when I wear them!
Kandi x

neffbot said...

Merry - I feel your pain!

Alexis - ditto on the wedges, I can sometimes manage a wedge up to 3", but not comfortably. And thank you for the compliment on my skin - I agree that you also have great skin! I really just can't find makeup that works for me (and I'm not interested in wasting more time/money on it at this point)

Kandi - your comment made me giggle. I feel that way too, but then I realize I've seen some really hot guys in drag that walk in heels way better than me. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the heels and make up! I rarely wear make-up and usually for a limited time. My skin is getting worse as I get older but for years I had flawless skin. Mainly thanks to my hatred of going red in the sun and obsessive use of SPF! Heels - just can't do em! Never have and doubt I ever will. There are so may cute flat shoes out there now it doesn't really worry me.

Allison said...

Most heels don't work for me either! Neither do "nude hose" or lipstick. Your skin is awesome and I wouldn't cover it up with makeup either!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit! very cute!

geetabix said...

I can't wear makeup either. Really sensitive skin.
And no to very high heels, strappy sandals, espadrilles, jellies, crocs, skate shoes ... there aren't too many shoes I will wear actually! I just stick with a couple of pairs of "old standbys."
Boring, huh? I guess this is why my blog isn't about fashion! I even have a hard time with nail polish that isn't clear - it makes me look soooo wrinkly.

Pretty Penny Mae said...

I have to say that I am jealous that you do not have to wear make up! I've ALWAYS wanted flawless skin, but alas it alludes me. Oh well. I'm totally with you on the heels. I can't wear them at all. It's only flats for me. I roll my ankle far to easily to take the risk!

Brook said...

your skin is beautiful. And anything someone at ULTA said is bullshit. They aren't dermatologist or Estheticians, you don't even need a license of any sort to work there. anyways.... i hate thongs.... i used to wear them all the time but they just dont flatter my "fupa" and thats that!

Joy said...

Me too with the heels. I just can't do it.

ZAG said...

Well, I love heels, I love makeup, but I hate sweating. UUUGH, but I can't avoid it. I sweat at the drop of a dime. If I get nervous, I break into a cold sweat, literally. In the summer time, I tend to stick to black and white tops to hide the sweat stains under my arms and on my back. Gross!

Eryn said...

I hear you about the heels- I always give them a good 'ol fatshioned try, but if they're higher than 2 inches, I look like a ninnie!
I have a love/hate relationship with sweating... It can be 110 degrees for months on end in Tucson during the summer, so after a week or two of fighting it, I try to embrace being a sweaty hog!

thomessa said...

I love this post!!! I can't seem to get away from 2.5 inch heels either!! That's the perfect amount of heel for me, though 3 inches would be nice! :) Screw that Ulta store employee, your amazing and you look amazing!! :)

neffbot said...

Allison - thank you! I should have mentioned that light colored pantyhose don't work for me either.

Elizabeth - thanks!

Geetabix - for me, it started with sensitive skin, and how I'm almost glad I have that as a reason to not look into it further. That's hilarious on the nail polish - it makes my nails feel "heavy" if that makes sense.

Penny Mae (brooke) - stick with the flats, you're right, it's not worth a sprained ankle!

Brook - thank you so much! Your "fupa" comment made me laugh so loud, I can totally relate! I joke that every woman has one thong in her underwear drawer from that time a friend convinced her that they were SOOOO comfortable.

Joy - I know! They are so uncomfortable.

ZAG - I sweat tons as well - in the worst places, like my face. I get a sweat mustache so easily, it's kinda gross. It's also why I don't wear makeup.

Eryn - I can't imagine living somewhere that hot! I grew up in Georgia, where it was regularly in the 90s with 80% humidity, but never got use to the sweating.

Thomessa - thank you! 2-2.5 inches is perfect for me too!

Anonymous said...

Like you, heels don't work for me either. Even wedge heels can cause my feet pain after wearing them for a few hours.

Another thing that doesn't work for me: skirts. My body shape is just not made for skirts. I carry most of my weight in my torso - specifically, my tum and boobs. I look best in a longer, drapier tops and pants, which help define my legs. It's hard for me to find tops that look good on me (i.e., that are flattering on my boobs and drapey enough over my tum) that also work with skirts. Skirts generally need more fitted, shorter tops which don't work on my body.

Dresses, however, sometimes work on me, particularly if they're wrap dresses made of jersey fabric. That said, though, I don't often wear dresses because of my aforementioned issue with heels. Most dresses don't look good on me with flats and need heels to look their best. So I wear dresses very rarely because I can't wear heels every day.

Another thing that doesn't work for me: no lipstick or lip color of any kind. I always feel naked and 'not finished' if I'm not wearing lipstick, or at least a tinted gloss with some color on my lips.

Lastly, I thought I'd share my makeup tip. I gave up on foundation many years ago, but I swear by Lancome's Dual Finish powder foundation, and its budget-priced cousin, Cover Girl's Fresh Complexion powder foundation. Like Lancome, its a powder with a little more substance and coverage, and makes my skin look great. I've recommended both to many people who have tried and been happy with both.

Rachele said...

I hate heels and sweating too. I do a lot of things naked in the summer just to avoid it. But I have to say that I love me some makeup. I wear it everyday and really don't like leaving the house without it. I honestly didn't notice that you didn't wear any. You skin IS lovely!

neffbot said...

Thirtiesgirl - thanks for the comment! I'll check out that foundation tip if I ever need foundation!

Rachele - yeah, there's lots of household naked time in the summer. I also wear muumuus at home a lot, it helps :). And thanks for the skin compliment!

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