Sunday, June 27, 2010

No-knead bread, take two!

Tonight we had friends over and I decided to bake bread.

Anthropomorphized potholder is ready for action:

I'll admit, I'm not great at baking. I had tried a "no knead" bread recipe in the past only to be disappointed when it didn't rise AT ALL, and we enjoyed a really dense loaf.

This time was different - it turned out great!

I used this recipe from the New York Times. The thing I liked best is that it only had a 4 hour rise time, rather than 12 or 18. This made it much easier for me to plan in the timeline of the day.

An improvised cooling rack - a metal trivet on a tray:

What can I say, it was so delicious there's none left.


Miss Emily D. said...

love the potholder :) - and good to know that you had success with the dutch oven bread! I need to try that!

neffbot said...

It was super easy - you should totally try it!

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