Friday, June 18, 2010

Chicago trip, now with 100% more husband

Hello lovelies,

Last month Bob and I took a trip to Chicago. Well, I took the trip for work, and he came to join me. It was so much fun!

Here are a few highlights of outfits that I wore, places that I ate things at, etc.

First off, I redeemed my sad ice cream sandwich experience from the last trip we went on.

Unsure about tastyness factor:

Ok, it is actually pretty good:

yay! sandwich!

(note chocolate residue on face associated with vigorous eating)

Full outfit from the day, taken in the Millenium park "bean" sculpture reflection:

floral t: thrifted
tank: old navy, xl
jeans: avenue, 20
shoes: target keds knockoffs, $9!

At Navy Pier:

skirt: Jibri custom
navy v-neck t-shirt: thrifted gap xxl
cardigan: target maternity xxl
leggings (it was chilly!): duo
scarf: american apparel circle scarf
shoes: same as above

All dressed up to go out:

Dress: vintage
cardigan: target xxl
belt: target 2xl
headband: etsy... ages ago, don't remember seller
heels: nine west shiny black patent leather

We went to see this HILARIOUS play called Late Night Catechism:

We also got to see alot of impromptu art, stumbling upon not one but two awesome public galleries.

Karen Savage had an exhibit up at the Water Tower Place gallery. Her photograms of lace gowns and handkerchiefs were so beautiful!

Then, at Navy Pier, we spent hours going through their extensive stained glass museum, which was a total surprise and delight! I took so many pictures, here are some of my favorites:

Overall, we had a fabulous time! I travel to Chicago a few times a year, but it was really awesome to have Bob there to show around - it was his first time!

And, for making it this far through a super long post, I leave you with this gem:

Ben Franklin, what what?


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