Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Complainy blogging makes me feel bad, but produces a great skirt.

A little bit back I posted about the high-waisted skirt I got from Jibrionline. Even though I was cautiously happy about the skirt, it didn't arrive completely as pictured and I needed to get it altered a tad to fit. The wonderful Jasmine, owner/purveyor of Jibrionline, read my review and comments and offered to make me a new skirt for free! And let me keep the original! I was amazed!

So, the skirt arrived last week and I couldn't wait to wear it. At her suggestion, I picked the awesome mustard color since I did technically already have it in black. It fit perfectly out of the box, and is a heavy material so it isn't transparent even though the color is light.

I would recommend it 100x, it is an awesome skirt! Alot of the issues I had with my last skirt are solved - I got her to shorten it a little, there is gathering into the waistband, the material feels less tableclothy due to the gathers and shorter length, and the waistband fit me perfectly. In Jasmine's words:

"small designers definitely like the constructive criticism. We are at a place where we can actually hear from our clients....the beginning! :)"

Without further ado, wrinkly from the package:

Tank: Old Navy xl
sandals: target, 11, last year

And to warm it up a bit, since it's still winter here:

Side view:

Close-up of tee and necklace:

With coat:

Tee: value village, marked a 2x "st john's bay", $2!!!
necklace: from $1 bin at fremont farmer's market, inspired by this eshakti one
boots: target kady
coat: target merona 2x, earlier this season

I'm so pleased I found that awesome floral tee! Just another notch in favor of shopping at the value village.


Sonia said...

I positively love this skirt, and the final outfit as a whole. The green coat and floral shirt are both to die for.

Sassy Sarah said...

Agree, it's lovely! The color is so vibrant and really suits you.

neffbot said...

Thanks ladies! I couldn't be more pleased with the skirt!

Deena said...

that skirt is SPECTACULAR!

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