Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boots for big calves

I think I wore boots nearly every day this winter. Not because it was super cold, in fact, the winter here in Seattle was one of the warmest on record, but because boots are AWESOME.

I despaired of finding any boots that would fit my 18"ish calves (most boots come with a top circumference of 15" or so), but then I found some awesome ones that were mid-calf and cut at a slant at Target. They don't have them anymore, or I would post a link, but I seriously wore those brown Target "Kady" boots every day for months. I also own them in black.

(just a handful of the 100 or so pics I have of me wearing them:)

They are wearing out, but luckily I found and snagged the last size 11 pair at a random Target in Florida when we were visiting Bob's folks over Christmas :). I packed those suckers in my carry on, alongside the identical worn-down pair. I'm sure the security folks thought I was crazy. But these? Not your average cheapo pleather boots (or "vegan leather" as I've heard fake leather called). These fit my calves. They are worth a little neurosis.

I added to my boot collection last month when I bought these beauties:

They are Miz Mooz brand "Marissa" boots, size 10. They run a full size too big, so I bought them a size smaller than I normally wear. They are honestly hard to zip, but they do fit my calves and are comfy to wear all day. I love the buttons, they feel so victorian and kind of steampunky but also very feminine. Also, there is tons of room in the toe box. I would recommend these to anyone that has calves at or smaller than 18". Note that these are not "wide calf" boots, and that the description on most of the online shoe shops list the circumference as much smaller than 18", but they really do fit me. I wouldn't have known they fit me unless I saw and tried them on at a little boutique that a friend recommended called Kick It. The owner, Angela, was a darling and helped me try on lots of boots until we found some that fit my calves. I was overjoyed. I probably should reserve such intense feelings for, you know, relationships with people and my husband... but finding a pair of boots that fit me? at a regular store? while shopping with my girlfriends? That just never happens to me. So, inappropriate level of joy be damned, I was happy.

Add to this one pair of cowboy boots that I bought at a real live cowboy store in Austin Texas (as my coworker stayed in the car, stating that "this is where fashion comes to die"), and you have my entire boot collection:

Boots are awesome, like I said. So, if you've got great big calves like I do, try these brands: Miz Mooz, Lumiani, and Ros Hommerson. They either run wide or come in wide calf!

Happy booting.


Unknown said...

Widewidths.com has wide calve boots. I bought some last fall and they are great, worth the investment I say.

neffbot said...

Thanks Anne. Yep, I've definitely visited widewidths.com before, but haven't bought anything.

Dr Martens Boots said...

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