Monday, February 6, 2012

Beauty at 100, 200, and 300 pounds

Hello lovelies,

Last Thursday, hanging out at Liberte's, we were talking about how there are so many different ways to be beautiful. How bodies don't come in the same sizes. And then we realized that, between the three of us (Janessa, Liberte, and me), we represented beauty at 100, 200, and 300* lbs.

This was a fun way to change the way we typically (or at least, I typically) think about bodies and beauty. I think, too often, we compare ourselves to each other to see where we fall short, how we can be different and thus "better". But just sitting around and talking about ourselves and what we like about our bodies and our style, rather than being wistful about changing ourselves - it was so great and so freeing.

What Liberte is wearing:
Blazer: Nordstrom Rack
Top: Encanto Ballard
Cords: Fred Meyer Izod (yes! Izod!)
Flats: Resoul
earrings: Red and Me (local designer)
brooch: antique victorian butterly wing (ebay)

What Janessa is wearing:
bdg sweater (urban outfitters)
shirt: H&M
pants: miley cyrus (thrifted)
oxfords: target (thrifted)

What I'm wearing:
dress: Asos curve
Cardigan: old navy
floral leggings: fatshionista sale
boots: Joe Browns (from

Also, this week at I had an unexpected accessory - Lincoln, Liberte's new puppy:

Don't you die to look at his puppy eyes? I DIE.

*I don't actually own a scale, and haven't for years, so I'm guessing, but probably pretty accurately since I'm good with numbers. :)


Peter said...

It would definitely be an unfathomably boring world if everybody were the same size. I like what you do with clothes nd fashion, but I don't understand how u manage to come up with something new each post. By the way, this is the first place Ive seen I'll like to try it out; hope its quite cool

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