Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magical long-hair-land

If you've been following the progression of my hairstyles through my outfit pictures (and admit it, who of us DOESN'T do that? It's FASCINATING! kidding, it's not fascinating, really), you'll notice that I'm growing my hair out. I'm super excited to have long hair that I can do elaborate braids and messy bun hairstyles with.

It will be a glorious future in which we will all have unicorns and castles and eat only the choicest of morsels.


Until that day, I gamely try to make my hair seem bigger and more capable of updos. And I'm about to share one of my secrets with you all.

I tease my hair.

Exhibit A:

(something tells me I should NOT be putting this picture on the internets, but, Beej, you wanted more outtake pictures!

This helps embiggify it so that it looks better in updos. Also, it stays back better (otherwise, my hair is very slippery). It also requires lots less product (I HATE hairspray) to stay put, because the hair sort of grips itself, what with all the knots that I put it in with the teasing. (I like parentheticals, they are like hugs))

So, from that, to this:

lady blue steel!

I basically just braid small sections of it and bobby pin them in place.

I definitely like my hair up better than down. And this teased/braided amalgam is my new favorite hairstyle for sure.

Do any of you tease your hair?


heavyaura said...

When I had hair, I would tease the everloving shit out of it. ;D

The braided up-do is so incredibly sweet on you!

Rebecca said...

Nly - i may email you for teasing tips :). I just kind of pull sections out and backcomb them until it kind of hurts. Then I move on to the next section! And thank you for the compliment!

CurvyEveryday said...

I love your hair like this! It's so cute. I'm trying to grow mine out again. That one picture is priceless.

Allison said...

Your hair looks great like this. I don't tease my hair but am thinking that maybe I shoud. I have very thin/fine hair so I'm always on a quest for volume.

Gazel M. said...

I don't tease my hair because it becomes all knotted.
I love your updo!

Rebecca said...

Curvy - thanks! It definitely is a picture worth a thousand words :)

Allison - thank you! I have really fine hair too, and I found the teasing really helps. But only if I am going to put it back, because it turns it into a rat's nest otherwise (though the tangles all eventually fall out and are pretty easy to brush out, which is nice)

Gazel - thanks! The knots are the point, though I can understand your reluctance.

Anonymous said...

I love it! It ALMOST makes me want long hair again so that I can do that...almost! You look gorgeous - very elegant.

Rebecca said...

Aww, thank you Monkey!

The Merry Traveller said...

WOAH! I'm super amazed! This hairstyle is beautiful and I LOVE it! I don't have the fringe for it and it will look odd on me but on you it's so fantastic. I basically just let my hair hang straight. ALL the time.

geetabix said...

Your hair looks fantastic. The pinned up braids are very medieval princessy - does that take hours? I always thought teased hair was big and crazy dry but yours is all sleek and shiny and healthy looking. I'm kind of jealous by the way! I've been growing out and in the "in-between stage" for three months and it's still too short for a ponytail and will never be sleek and shiny and even coloured even if it does someday get longer ... sigh ...

Rebecca said...

Thanks Merry! I think it could still work without bangs, the key is to run a brush over the top part (the part that will be exposed) so that it lays more smoothly. Syd over at The Daybook did a great tutorial for a bunch with long hair and no bangs (it's here: http://tandsdaybook.blogspot.com/2010/11/round-two.html")

Thanks Geetabix - I actually had some of my best updo successes with not-quite-ponytail length hair. I would curl it all (using sponge rollers) and then just bobby pin them back, so they looked like I had a big updo). This hairdo actually didn't take that long, there are about 6-7 regular braids, each just a non-scientific chunk of hair braided together and then pinned back at the end. I think it took about 10 minutes? Maybe 15 at the most. The key to the "growing out phase", for me at least, is to not look at short hair pics because then I would just want to get it cut and stop the awkwardness. Stay strong!

Beej said...

UM REBECCA. LOVE! I agree it is totally medieval princessy. Personally I'm scared to tease my hair cause it's so damaged from bleaching but I am TOTALLY trying that little braided & pinned sections updo on my next "dirty hair day" cause it's genius.

Omg I love that first picture..

deborah said...

when i had longer hair, i teased the crap right out of it. i love big bardot poofs!
and i love the word "embiggen"=)

Eryn said...

I *love* the photo of you with your hair teased- mine looks just like this if I go to bed with my hair wet! Sideshow Bob, anyone? Im going to have to try your braided up-do, its awesome!

Rebecca said...

Beej = thank you! you are so sweet! You're right, teasing totally damages my hair so I don't do it too often (about once a week).

Deborah - that's awesome! I love brigette bardot's whole style.

Eryn - thank you!

Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl said...

I tease the crap out of my hair! I like the braid idea...my hair might be long enough to try.

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